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There are around a hundred Prophecies in the Old Testament that are commonly referred to as being fulfilled by Jesus. Each of them has been subjected to extensive examination by countless scholars and other authors, with intent to either prove or disprove the validity. Since many hundreds of books have been written on those various issues, and much of the argument in either direction seems to be reliant on the opinions of the various authors, BELIEVE has chosen not to get into those matters, but just to list the most commonly accepted ones.

SUBJECTOT ProphecyNT Fulfillment
As the Son of God Ps 2:7 Lu 1:32,35
As the seed of the woman Ge 3:15 Ga 4:4
As the seed of Abraham Ge 17:7 22:18 Ga 3:16
As the seed of Isaac Ge 21:12 Heb 11:17-19
As the seed of David Ps 132:11 Jer 23:5 Ac 13:23 Ro 1:3
His coming at a set time Ge 49:10 Da 9:24,25 Lu 2:1
His being born of a virgin Isa 7:14 Mt 1:22,23 Lu 2:7
His being called Immanuel Isa 7:14 Mt 1:22,23
His being born in Bethlehem of Judea Mic 5:2 Mt 2:1 Lu 2:4-6
Great persons coming to adore him Ps 72:10 Mt 2:1-11
The slaying of the children of Bethlehem Jer 31:15 Mt 2:16-18
His being called out of Egypt Ho 11:1 Mt 2:15
His being preceded by John the Baptist Isa 40:3 Mal 3:1 Mt 3:1,3 Lu 1:17
His being anointed with the Spirit Ps 45:7 Isa 11:2 61:1 Mt 3:16 Joh 3:34 Ac 10:38
His being a Prophet like to Moses De 18:15-18 Ac 3:20-22
His being a Priest after the order of Melchizedek Ps 110:4 Heb 5:5,6
His entering on his public ministry Isa 61:1,2 Lu 4:16-21,43
His ministry commencing in Galilee Isa 9:1,2 Mt 4:12-16,23
His entering publicly into Jerusalem Zec 9:9 Mt 21:1-5
His coming into the temple Hag 2:7,9 Mal 3:1 Mt 21:12 Lu 2:27-32 Joh 2:13-16
His poverty Isa 53:2 Mr 6:3 Lu 9:58
His meekness and want of ostentatious Isa 42:2 Mt 12:15,16,19
His tenderness and compassion Isa 40:11 42:3 Mt 12:15,20 Heb 4:15
His being without guile Isa 53:9 1Pe 2:22
His zeal Ps 69:9 Joh 2:17
His preaching by parables Ps 78:2 Mt 13:34,35
His working miracles Isa 35:5,6 Mt 11:4-6 Joh 11:47
His bearing reproach Ps 22:6 69:7,9,20 Ro 15:3
His being rejected by his brethren Ps 69:8 Isa 63:3 Joh 1:11 7:3
His being a stone of stumbling to the Jews Isa 8:14 Ro 9:32 1Pe 2:8
His being hated by the Jews Ps 69:4 Isa 49:7 Joh 15:24,25
His being rejected by the Jewish rulers Ps 118:22 Mt 21:42 Joh 7:48
That the Jews and Gentiles should combine against Him Ps 2:1,2 Lu 23:12 Ac 4:27
His being betrayed by a friend Ps 41:9 55:12-14 Joh 13:18,21
His disciples forsaking him Zec 13:7 Mt 26:31,56
His being sold for thirty pieces silver Zec 11:12 Mt 26:15
His price being given for the potter's field Zec 11:13 Mt 27:7
The intensity of his sufferings Ps 22:14,15 Lu 22:42,44
His sufferings being for others Isa 53:4-6,12 Da 9:26 Mt 20:28
His patience and silence under suffering Isa 53:7 Mt 26:63 27:12-14
His being smitten on the cheek Mic 5:1 Mt 27:30
His visage being marred Isa 52:14 53:3 Joh 19:5
His being spit on and scourged Isa 50:6 Mr 14:65 Joh 19:1
His hands and feet being nailed to the cross Ps 22:16 Joh 19:18 20:25
His being forsaken by God Ps 22:1 Mt 27:46
His being mocked Ps 22:7,8 Mt 27:39-44
Gall and vinegar being given him to drink Ps 69:21 Mt 27:34
His garments being parted, and lots cast for his vesture Ps 22:18 Mt 27:35
His being numbered with the transgressors Isa 53:12 Mr 15:28
His intercession for His murderers Isa 53:12 Lu 23:34
His Death Isa 53:12 Mt 27:50
That a bone of him should not be broken Ex 12:46 Ps 34:20 Joh 19:33,36
His being pierced Zec 12:10 Joh 19:34,37
His being buried with the rich Isa 53:9 Mt 27:57-60
His flesh not seeing corruption Ps 16:10 Ac 2:31
His resurrection Ps 16:10 Isa 26:19 Lu 24:6,31,34
His ascension Ps 68:18 Lu 24:51 Ac 1:9
His sitting on the right hand of God Ps 110:1 Heb 1:3
His exercising the priestly office in heaven Zec 6:13 Ro 8:34
His being the chief corner-stone of the Church Isa 28:16 1Pe 2:6,7
His being King in Zion Ps 2:6 Lu 1:32 Joh 18:33-37
The conversion of the Gentiles to him Isa 11:10 42:1 Mt 1:17,21 Joh 10:16 Ac 10:45,47
His righteous government Ps 45:6,7 Joh 5:30 Re 19:11
His universal dominion Ps 72:8 Da 7:14 html 2:9,11
The perpetuity of his kingdom Isa 9:7 Da 7:14 Lu 1:32,33

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