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The NEW downloadable version of the BELIEVE collection of religious information contains all of the modern file entries that are in our web-site. After it loads itself in a computer, it exists as all HTML files, so your computer and browser can view any of them (off-line). The home page "menu" has all of its hundreds of links work to access the individual subject entries.

If you put this download in your computer, a LOT of useful information can be immediately available inside your computer without having to get onto the Web.

The original downloadable program was created between 1992 and 1995, as a DOS-based, floppy-diskette based Christian information source. It also then worked in Windows 3.1 and even later Windows. About 400 such diskettes were handed out to inquisitive Christians and Seekers, between 1992 and early 1997.

Once we realized the scope of the InterNet, we created a web-site for BELIEVE early in 1997. Within two months, more people had downloaded the BELIEVE program and files than ALL of the hundreds of floppy diskettes that had been given out over the previous five years!

Since that time, we have exclusively concentrated on working on the web-site presentations. This means that the web-site now has better-formatted presentations that always display perfectly (hopefully), and where many, many individual pages have been added or expanded. We expect this to always continue, so the web-site presentations will hopefully always get better and more useful. In this sense, the OLD downloadable version is somewhat obsolete! That's why we have created the NEW downloadable versions below, which have the more recent and complete pages from our web-site. The more recent versions (since 2007) of the file is significantly larger than the older versions, currently being about 13.3 Megabytes. Everything is compressed in it, and before the installation, you will need to make sure that you have at least around 70 Megabytes of space on your hard drive.

The first two links download the exact same NEW version! It is an EXE self-expanding file which is compatible with 16-bit Windows operating systems and virtually everything else that is newer. Some business computer systems do not allow downloading EXE files, so you may need to download this on your home computer. Some modern systems won't even try to download an EXE file because that's one type of file that computer viruses are sometimes in. If you find this to be the case, we have also provided the second link, the exact same file, but we have changed the extension to EXF and most systems will accept that fine! (If you do that, you would have to know how to find and then re-name the file back to the EXE extension once it is in your computer, and then double-click on it to start the expansion process. The (2012) file downloads at around 13.3 megabytes but expands to take up around 38 megabytes of file space in your computer, so make sure there is enough room for it. It briefly takes up around twice that much space during installation. (This file does NOT include the 4,000 Early Christian Manuscript texts, which are even larger!)

BELIEVE Religious Information Source - by Alphabet. Our List of 2,300 Religious Subjects
We provide a third link that is the same files, but as a ZIP file, which is likely to download into a receiving directory of your computer, which might cause you to then have to move the entire created BELIEVE file set to a desired BELIEVE location in your computer. (the EXE file does that automatically.)

Finally, we provide a fourth version of the 2012 compilation of files, which is again an EXE file but this one is specifically compatible with newer 32-bit versions of Windows operating systems. If the 16-bit file above does not behave properly during installation, you might try this 32-bit version of it.

If you happen to have a Macintosh or UNIX computer platform, it might be necessary for you to transfer the belweb.exe file to a Windows computer to expand its contents, and then to transfer all of the files and directories back to your computer, where it should work fine! We are not really sure how these files are processed by the very recent versions of Windows which are not compatible with older Windows. Again, it might be necessary to find an older computer to create all the many subject files and then transfer those files to any modern computer.

Click Here to download BELIEVE Information Source (belweb12.exe 13300 kb) (May 2012)

Click Here to download the exact same file, as described above (belweb12.exf 13300 kb) (May 2012)

Click Here to download the exact same file, as described above ( 13300 kb) (May 2012)

Click Here to download the 32-bit BELIEVE Information Source (belweb32.exe 13300 kb) (May 2012)

An older version of the BELIEVE compilation exists from 2007 which is nearly as large, the main changes being updates in many of the files and some improvement in the formatting.

Click Here to download BELIEVE Information Source (belweb07.exe 12700 kb) (Dec 2007)

Click Here to download the exact same file, as described above (belweb07.exf 12700 kb) (Dec 2007)

Click Here to download the exact same file, as described above ( 12700 kb) (Dec 2007)

If you have limited hard disk space available, or if you want to shorten the download time, we have maintained the earlier (smaller, less complete) versions that could also be downloaded.

Click Here to download BELIEVE Information Source (belweb05.exe 8600 kb) (Aug 2005)

Click Here to download BELIEVE Information Source (belweb03.exe 3800 kb) (June 2002)

Click Here to download BELIEVE Information Source (belweb01.exe 3100 kb) (June 2001)

Click Here to download BELIEVE Information Source (belweb00.exe 2200 kb) (2000)

Click Here to download (the original) BELIEVE Information Source (belweb98.exe 1100 kb) (1998, DOS based)

After downloading BELWEB.EXE to your PC:

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